Winter Sales 2016

The time for winter celebrations are here. With that many exciting sales have hit the Skyforge market and discounts have been through the roof! Your chance to get ahold of these great deals are just around the corner! Make sure to check out below on the many sales that are coming or that are here waiting for you!

Magical Surprise Box

The Magical Surprise Box is something brand new being introduced to the Skyforge community. With 249 Argents, you can take the chance at opening a box and getting a random reward from it!
With each box, you will be able to collect the footprints of a mysterious magical beast! Collect 2017 of those footprints and you will unlock the Snow-White Argali mount! But you will also receive Credits, Stimulants, Argents and more useful items from the box. With the different rewards it’s up to the New Year gods that you get some great rewards from it! But whatever rewards exactly the gods assign to you, you can be sure that each box contains items worth at least 249 Argents, so there will be no tears here!
This promotion starts on December 23rd and ends on the 1st of January 2017.


Holiday Major Sale!

Staring December 24th and ending on the 28th at 6am PST, will be a major sale with tons of different winter items, mostly the ones you saw through the winter calendar. So if you missed a day on the calendar or you missed out on a specific day’s sale, now’s your chance!


20% WinterTop Up Bonus

From December 24th and ending on the 28th at 2:59pm PST, we will be adding a whooping 20% additional bonus argents to all top ups during the event period! Get your hands on all the argents you will need to benefit from the great sales during this holiday season.

Skyforge Bonus Argents

Payback Promotion

The payback promotion is back again and it’s running from December 24th 6am PST to December 25th 6am PST. Buy AND spend Argents during this time, and you will receive all the argents back into your account a few weeks later. Yes, every single one of them.
This is a great event when paired up with a top up sale! Remember that all argent bought during this timeframe (Bonus Argents from the TopUp during this timeframe are also included) will count towards the payback. The payback date for this promotion will be January 18th 2017.

Trophy Hall Sale

Due to popular demand, we are reopening the sale that’s held in the Trophy Hall and this is the best time to take advantage of it! This event will be going from December 23rd to the 29th 6am PST. The hall is having an amazing discount which is great to pair with the many discounts going on within the market and the top up sale for more argents. Check out the Trophy Hall today!