Wrong World Packs

You know about the demons, immortal, but do you truly know yourself? Considering wars are never won in a day, how would you respond to a war that could rage across Aelion for all eternity? What would you do to put an end to the demonic threats that are relentlessly vying to consume all life on your world, when all conventional means simply delay what they believe is to be your inevitable fate?

We ask you, hero, would you fight fire with fire by becoming a demon yourself? Would you wield their power against them if it meant safeguarding your friends, your family, your home planet? If the answer to that question is yes, then the Wrong World Packs allow you to do just that.


Introducing the Astral Charms and Demonic Shadows packs, both of which contain the very essence of demons, allowing specific classes to wield demonic power for themselves in the form of vicious, legendary weapons. In addition, both packs contain a wealth of currencies – such as credits, argents, victor’s medals and stimulants – to assist you in your unending battle against the vilest creatures known to our universe. If we can’t end the war with our own powers, we can certainly use theirs against them instead.


These packs can be acquired individually, or together at a discount, and will both go on sale from the 29th September to the 13th of October (10:00 CEST). It is time to turn the tables by using the invaders own powers against them for the good of Aelion. Will you lead this dark charge?

-The Skyforge Team