[XBOX] Promotion: Grim Rider

There is a gloomy castle on an old Aelinite hill that lies empty and abandoned. Only the wind howls in the old ruins, but the people of Valent, a small town situated in the foothills, hear the voice of the Grim Rider in the wind: "I will come for you when the time comes..."

The Grim Rider is a favorite legend in Valent. No one remembers his real name anymore, but hundreds of years ago, the castle on the hill belonged to him, a withdrawn and cruel aristocrat who protected the common people from outside threats but exacted a heavy price for it. No family felt safe. Gold, belongings, supplies, or a beautiful young woman—the Grim Rider could demand anything, and those who resisted were killed.

Finally, the day came when the people could not bear it any longer. They ambushed and killed the owner of the castle on the hill. Before dying, the Grim Rider swore he would come back and punish all in the town. Since then, to keep the dead man’s prophecy from playing out, the people of Valent held a festival every year where they make symbolic offerings to the Rider in the hopes of keeping him in his grave.

Three hundred years have passed since the festival turned into a merry event. But this year the people of Valent have no cause for celebration: during the festivities, the Grim Rider himself has appeared to ride through the main square on his giant warhorse, knocking over the tables laid out with treats.

Herida is worried that knocking over a few tables isn’t all he’ll do. She asks your Adepts to journey there and help solve this.

Participate in this Promotion to get the Grim Rider Armor and a Mental Concentrator, as well as heaps of currencies, until May 12.






Mental Concentrator

Allows you to upgrade a node in the Invasion Atlas so it works in PvE adventures of any type. To upgrade a node, select it in the Invasion Atlas tab and click “Upgrade”. One Mental Concentrator will be consumed.

Artifact: Glyph of Despair

  • Increases damage by 35%.
  • Increases health by 300%.
  • Your finishing ability will be replaced with Devastation that deals damage to the target. If Devastation kills the target or they have more health than you, the ability will restore 10–20% of your health. In other cases, Devastation will deal extra damage and reduce their movement speed for 3 seconds. The amount of healing and damage dealt is increased with every Devastation used during a single fight.