2016 Winter Calendar Reminder

The 2016 Skyforge Winter Calendar is here! Reminder to keep tracking your days with opening doors for prizes! Join in on the festivities!

Remember Immortals, every day you have an opportunity to open one door in the winter calendar! Each door with give you a gift to open in game! You can potentially earn 24 gifts if you started on the first day, so keep opening those doors with free goodies!

4 doors have could have been opened and now they’re officially closed for good! Daily sales including the Crowback companion, Insulated clothing, stimulants, and the Polar Hornscute have already gone by! Don’t miss your chance, make sure to login every day to check the new sales!


There will be many different events and special offers lining up for the winter celebration. Come visit our dedicated Winter page and watch for the 12 days of Winter events on our Facebook page!
Remember, Doors open each day at 6am PST and the first door you open will contain a special winter costume color variation!

Click here to your door opening adventure!