Days of Glory Event

Days of Glory – the annual celebration of a breakthrough victory versus the Mechanoids at the battle of Aelinar – is back once again. Having managed to avoid planet-wide enslavement at the hands of the Integrator, despite Aelion being left to fend for itself since the mysterious disappearance of Aeli, the event now serves as a symbol of Unity and Rebirth, marking the end of the ‘dark times’.


Citizens are now preparing celebratory fireworks, while veterans organize military-exhibitions to show off the gear and materials used to combat the mechanoids in defence of the planet. Along the way, all manner of memorabilia has been collected, such as victory medals and letters from loved ones, reminders of a moment that could have ended with Aelion being wholly enslaved had things gone differently.

Given the momentous what-if’s and the fact that many people and families had fallen during Aelinar’s destruction, echoes of the past – reflecting the torment and pain some of our heroes suffered before their untimely demise during the past battle – have manifested themselves during the celebrations. So strong is their torment and emotion that they’ve become corporeal enough to attack citizens and Immortals. It is up to you whether you wish to enjoy the celebrations with the living, or take time to investigate relentless echoes of the past, providing peace to souls that found none during the very war-event that is being celebrated.

The Days of Glory Event starts on the 4th of May and will last until the 24th of May 1am PDT.


During the celebration you will be able to take part in various activities to earn Ether Trace, which can be used to purchase various goodies in the shop. Other event features include:

  • Touring the Military-Exhibitions that will be ongoing at the park. You will be able to learn about the equipment, the battle of Aelinar, and more!
  • Fight against Phantoms of Past Battles that have the possibility of appearing during Adventures. These reminders of Aelion’s near demise can drop a mysterious Letter, currency, or even unique clothing!
  • Solve the mystery of the strange letters! Successfully solving their riddles will take you on a journey across Aelion, earning you the event’s unique currency (Ether Trace) throughout your search, as well as a new costume!
  • Enter the Virtual Reality on one of the consoles and beat the Virtual Challenge Battles! How long will you last?

Join is in saluting those who fell during the battle of Aelinar, and paying respects to those who did not get to live to see this day. Whether to earn yourself some special costumes, gain historical insight, or just to enjoy the fireworks show, we wish you good fortune during the Days of Glory event.

-The Skyforge Team