Aelion Day 2020

Immortals remember the glorious days of old, great discoveries, and scientific achievements. But this time something unusual awaits you. They say immortals that dedicate themselves to helping others may be struck by a revelation!


Go on adventure and rescue mortals in peril. Each rescued mortal increases your chances of receiving a prophecy – an item that contains a mysterious message. Decipher the message, fulfill its conditions to make the prophecy come true – and you will receive a reward: Threads of Destiny which can be exchanged for goods in the Market.

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Remember – prophecies can be very confusing. Few will be able to decipher them right away. Our scientists have studied them for a while. Here's one of them: "The mage of death lost the duel, killed by an ancient glyph." An immortal that receives it needs to kill a Reaper of Death using Asterius’s Glyph. And that's an example of a fairly simple prophecy. Pay attention and try to decipher them all.

You can store up to three prophecies at a time. If you can't decipher a prophecy – get rid of it to get another one. Many would like to get their hands on a prophecy, so you can always sell them.

The more prophecies you fulfill, the higher your chances of receiving a Great Prophecy which offers a greater reward. But they are harder to decipher!

Challenges and Rewards

Every day, you will receive special tasks which can be completed to earn additional rewards: Threads of Destiny, Victor's Medals, Portrait Elements, or Knowledge of Enemies. Complete them all to earn the title 'Gift Lover'. Remember that you can't catch up on these tasks, so don't miss a day.

Aelion Day will run until April 15.


We are happy to celebrate this anniversary with you. Have fun and prepare for future challenges!