Winter Celebration Ingame Event

It is Winter on Aelion, and all the Humans, Immortals and Gods are coming together to celebrate this very special season. The Winter Calendar 2017 is providing you with daily gifts and our Daily Discount sales are giving you a lot of valuable items throughout this Winter Celebration.
Check out below for all the amazing Winter content that is available to you in Skyforge!

New Years Race

Put on your ice skating shoes and step on the icy field. A special new map was created for this occasion. Race against your friends or do a solo time trial to win snowy rewards!

Khelp Pranksters

Upon exiting the battle for 3 to 5 players, there is a chance Khelp Pranksters will spawn. They will try to steal the drop. Khelps are only susceptible to hits from snowballs and attacks by characters in divine form. If a character has a Khelp Talisman in their inventory, Khelps will not spawn for them. If a character with the Talisman is on an adventure alone or in a party with other characters, each of which possesses a Talisman, Khelps will not spawn for them in the adventure. Event currency drops from Khelps.

Live Snowdrifts

During the event, daily quests are available in the park that you can complete by finding and throwing snowballs at 15 Khelp Pranksters in the park. There is a 60% chance of a Khelp Prankster spawning when searching snowdrifts. They have sufficient health to get rid of Khelps with snowballs together. Khelps in the park do not give a drop. Quest completion yields a considerable amount of currency. 

Gifts for All

During the event, players are invited to take a gift from under the Holiday Tree every day. Each subsequent gift can only be taken on the next day of the holiday. There are a total of 14 gifts during the event.

Festival Guardian

During the festival, players can meet Christmas Asterius. Like last year, there is a chance he will spawn at the start of an adventure. If you talk to him, he will tell you the history of the Winter Festival and give you some cryolators.


During the holiday, all adepts receive additional snowballs from their journeys. The first gift under the Christmas Tree will give them a special Snowball-item, which will devour the snowballs they have.
If the avatar has the necessary number of snowballs, there will be a notification on the Snowball. The Snowball must be fed with snow so the adept can get a Snowman. The last gift in the Gifts for All series will be a legendary carrot relic.

But that’s not it. We will reveal more events and sales as the celebrations progress. During these events, you will notice the visual changes that happen within Aelion. In the capital's park, the event map will have stelas that put skates on players. You can only skate in the park and the skates are removed when you leave. Enjoy the Winter Celebration and let the festivities continue!

The Celebration will be going on until January 11th!