Akonita and Discord Packs are live!


Aelion’s steadfast defense provides no quarter to the countless invaders that seek nothing but destruction upon our home. The Gorgonides are no exception to this and waves of their strongest combatants assault our cities without fear. However, our impenetrable resolve seems to have attracted the attention of Aelion’s most dangerous threat to date…

The avatar of Bedazzling Akonita has begun her descent upon Aelion!

This merciless creature rules her matriarchal empire with an iron fist, taking over countless worlds, enslaving their people, and stripping the planet of any valuable resources it may happen to possess. She will not rest until Aelion’s population is either dead, or groveling at her feet – both of which she considers acceptable outcomes. Take the battle directly to Akonita to stop her reign of terror before it ever has a chance to begin! Board the Gorgonide vessel, fight hordes of their most valiant, blood-thirsty warriors, evade deadly traps, and finally face off against Akonita herself in a conflict that will decide the fate of Aelion!

To celebrate Akonita's arrival, please enjoy some new wallpapers featuring the avatar of Bedazzling Akonita.

Skyforge Akonita 1Skyforge Akonita 2Skyforge Akonita 3

Discord Packs

Aim for the stars with these newest additions to your ever-expanding wardrobe! Battle it out in your chosen world: be it real battle on Aelion or merely part of a traveling fantasy performance. No matter the occasion, the Discord Packs are for you!

The Discord Packs are available for purchase from June 8th until June 22nd and come in three variations - Techno Pack, Cultist Pack, and the Discord Combo Pack.

Techno Pack Cultist Pack Discord Combo Pack
Gunner Armor & Headwear Cursed Armor & Headwear Techno Pack
15 Days Premium Bonus Assassin Armor & Headwear Cultist Pack
1,000,000 Credits 25,000 Argents
7,000 Spark Replicators 7,000 Ether cores
2,500 Victor's Medals 2,500 Victor's Medals
15 Variatrons 1,500 Holy texts

To view the complete details or to purchase Discord Packs, visit our dedicated Discord Packs page.

Skyforge Discord Packs