Mechanoid Invasion Approaching - 11/13/2015

Heed the warning of the Celestial Fortress as it has alerted Aelion to the inevitable presence of the Mechanoids. These metallic thorns in our side will shortly surround Aelion and their assault will fully begin on November 13th. The Mechanoids appear to be sending another expeditionary force in an effort to fully examine and overall weaken our defenses.

Skyforge Mechanoid Invasion

In preparation of the Invasion players must remember to spend resources on researching additional resistances to protect against the Mechanoid threat. Throughout the Invasion players can continue making progress in their Mechanoid Atlas, gaining high defense and attack along the way. Additionally, Victor’s Medals will be available through both special promo adventures and Order missions for the duration of the Invasion.

Begin your preparations and be ready to face these Invaders head on!