Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

We had such a good time at Gamescom that we feel like celebrating so we've decided to give away 100 keys that will give 100 lucky players guaranteed access to the Closed Beta!


But there is a small catch - in order to get the keys you need to be quick! This isn't a contest or a challenge, it's a straight giveaway. We're going to post the keys on Skyforge Facebook page, one at a time (maybe a few at a time), and the player quick enough to be the first to redeem the code on will get guaranteed access to the beta!

The giveaway will begin at 6am (PDT) on Wednesday, August 27 and ends at 5pm (PDT) on Friday, August 29!

To redeem the key simply:
- Log into with the account you used to sign up for the beta
- Navigate to your Profile by selecting the ‘Profile’ directly under your account name (right below the Skyforge logo)
- Select the ‘Redeem a Promo Code’ button
- Enter the key into the code redemption field

If you're the first to redeem the key you'll get a verification message confirming the key was activated and you'll see a new icon beside your avatar pic indicating you have access to the beta. If you weren't quick enough and the key has already been redeemed by someone else you'll receive a message indicating the code has already been activated.

Here are a few helpful hints to increase your chance of getting a key:
- Make sure that you've already created your account on & signed up for the beta. You don't want to have to waste valuable time creating your account when you're trying to be the first to redeem the key!
- We'll be posting giveaway updates on the Skyforge Twitter feed so be sure you're following @GodsofSkyforge
- Not every key is going to be posted to the Skyforge Facebook page's timeline! Make sure you're looking at the comments & replies in the posts, checking the photos and videos tabs and the About page...
- Don't get frustrated! There will be 100 opportunities to get a key so stay persistent and keep trying!

Good luck!