"Create a Class" Community Contest Winners!

The Skyforge "Create a Class" Community Contest has come to an end and it's time to announce the winners! First off, we want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. There were a lot exceptionally good entries and it was very difficult for us to pick the top 20. So big thanks to the community!


For this contest we had a panel of judges including members of the dev team, our development director Eric DeMilt, myself and other members of the community management team. We were looking for classes that were original, creative and would be fun to play as in both PVE & PVE.

Trust us when we say that it took a long time for us to pick the winners but we've finally narrowed it down to the top 20 winners! So without any further ado, we are happy to announce the winners of the Skyforge "Create a Class" Community Contest:

Arc Guardian (really could have been his Deathmonger too)

"The Arc Guardians are Holy Warrior of Light, their weapon of choice is a Heavy Light Axe, as the name implies they are guardians and protectors..."

The Graviton
"Wielding powers over the forces of gravity and motion, the graviton thrives in the heat of combat..."

"The Diabolist has sold part of her soul to darkness, in order to obtain power to protect..."

Tattoo cabalist
"The tattoo cabalist makes use of his tattoos to affect the battle field. Tattoos have active and passive effects..."

Dread Knight
"As Dread Knight, You merge the art of swords combat with ancient, forbidden and dark power and magic..."

"Spectral energy was once used by a clan of spirit-callers who believed they had the power to summon and control the dead. Using what they called spectral energy, they helped defend their lands and families..."

Shadow Warrior
"The Shadow is a fast movement class, unlike the other types of assassins, who use stealth mechanisms, the Shadow is based on his speed and dark magic..."

"A group of scientists sought to create a power on par with the capable Warriors that evolved into Gods. Rather than depend on followers, they depended on their technology..."

"although thought as pure support, they can be enjoyed in solo PvE playing, and can be fearsome enemies in PvP..."

"hacking is no longer just used for data but to change everything around you, a cyber god, imagine a world which obeys to you..."

"Due to the pressure of enemies fighting against the forces of Aelion. Scientist in robotics and engineering made a android like humanoid to turn the tide of battle..."

Earth Lance
"As an Earth Lance, your the spearhead into battles, and your in the face of your enemy..."

Earth Shaper
"The Earth Shaper is a mage like caster, on both his hands he has orbs that allow him to shape and mold the earth beneath his feet to take any shape he desires..."

The Solar
"This is an immortal based around the stars. But not in the fantasy and astrological kind of star. These are beings that know the true nature of stars, that of giant spheres of super heated gas..."

The Corsair
"The Corsair is a terrible mercenary, as comfortable at sea as on earth, who will not hesitate to use all the arsenal at his disposal to defeat his opponents..."

Singularity Class
"Most gods hold great powers of the great elements, others domination over their physical strengths and some even the power to control light, but even if these gods have so much control over everything around them, only few can influence time and space to a degree."

Devanagari Sentinels
"The Devanagari Sentinels are well known throughout the land for their sense of honor, but also their revengeful nature."

"Faithslayers aim to be the ultimate god by depriving all other gods from their faithful."

"The Seeker is adept at swordsmanship and is a master of dual wielding."

"Emerged from the dark energies of the world, the Shadow is the manifestation of the darkness engulfing the hearts of the mortals."

Like we said, there were so many great entries that we thought it would only be right to give honorable mentions some of the other entries that made it very tough to pick the winners. All these entries were definitely worth a checking out:

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