Days of Glory 2020

Visit the Park between May 13 to 27 and stop to admire the showcased military technology of Aelion. Speak with Ianna to learn more about the events of the past. Complete the unique holiday quest, defeat phantom Mechanoids, and test your skills in the special training arena.


Many Mechanoids fell in battle for Aelinar. These events leave their mark: every year, ghosts come back in hopes of taking revenge on the immortals. Look for them in Squad, Group, and Invasion adventures. Eliminate the ghosts and receive Ether Trace Particles. You can exchange this resource for costumes, accessories, and mounts in the Market.

When eliminating phantoms, you have a chance to receive a Phantom Trophy and unlock special headwear, costumes, or an epic relic for adepts that increases all their stats by 2. The trophy can also bring you a special item that unlocks a holiday quest.


Find out what happened to an Aelion intelligence agent. Earn Universe Conqueror Armor, a new adept for your order, and complete a special challenge.



Ready to fight elite Mechanoid units? Go to the special arena created by elder gods and pit your skills against the holographic copies of these dangerous enemies. Speak with Ianna to learn more about the war games, then start the fight using the special terminal in the city park.

You will face six opponents: each has normal and deadly difficulty levels. The bosses are stronger and more cunning on deadly difficulty, and there will also be various modifiers. They will make the fight even more challenging!


Modifier List:

  • There are several repair devices in the arena – they are activated over time and restore the boss's health.
  • Dangerous spots appear in different areas, dealing damage to the character.
  • Energy anomalies start chasing the character. If they reach their target, the hero will take great damage. Up to three anomalies can be active at a time.
  • There are laser turrets on the edges of the arena that fire a salvo from time to time.
  • Energy spheres appear in the arena. They bounce off the walls.
  • All targets randomly take increased damage or redirect part of the damage back to the attacker.
  • The player is occasionally surrounded by Oculat swarms.

Every day you will receive a task that requires you to kill a random boss. Open the terminal, select difficulty (normal or deadly), and go to the arena!

If you fail a war game on maximum difficulty, you can exit the adventure and select normal difficulty (the boss type will remain the same).

You can receive a reward only once a day, and its size depends on the selected difficulty. Next fight with the boss will be available the next day.


The most challenging and deadly war game awaits you, but the reward will be worth it! Defeat all enemies on deadly difficulty to complete the appropriate challenge and receive Aelion Guardian Flag.


Participate in the war games, earn rewards, and complete holiday challenges!

Good luck!


850 years ago, when new immortals fought for power after Aeli disappeared, the Integrator led a huge army of Mechanoids against Aelion which was being torn apart by internal struggles. The capital and one of the few survived cities, Aelinar became the center of resistance. A council of gods was assembled for the first time in the history. Many immortals also joined the council. The residents of the planet finally realized that their feuds must be left behind in the face of new threats. The defenders of Aelion joined forces and, acting as a united front, managed to attain several local victories. Seeing this, Integrator gathered his troops and headed to the Aelion army command center, Aelinar.

The decisive battle that Asterius, Kyros and Metarchus took part in left an indelible mark on the planet's information field. The battle between Immortals and Mechanoids lasted for several days. The Integrator lost his entire army and retreated. Even though Aelinar was destroyed, it still became the place where victory was born. The city quickly turned into a symbol of unity and rebirth. The Battle for Aelinar is commemorated annually.