#PlayAtHomeStandUnited Marathon: Enjoy Daily Login Gifts!

In uncertain times, we can bring a little light to the darkness by playing together, no matter where we are. Through the MY.GAMES #PlayAtHomeStandUnited Marathon, we’re giving away gifts and bonuses across our games as a token of our appreciation for your efforts in staying home to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

From March 25 until April 24, prepare to defend Aelion every day in Skyforge for PC. You can enjoy sweet daily rewards as a login bonus, including Faith, Premium time, and special cosmetic items. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can also enjoy these bonuses from March 26 until April 25.


Cycle through the rewards to earn them again during this event, with different cosmetic rewards available on the second and third rounds. There’s no catching up, so make sure you don’t miss a day!

Day Reward
1 7 days of Premium Subscription
2 • 350,000 Credits (if you have reached Junior Godhood)

• 50,000 Credits (if you have not yet reached Junior Godhood)
3 10 Stimulants
4 1 Focus of Faith (grants 100 Points of Faith)
5 500 Victor’s Medals
6 • 10 Alpha Euphomine Stimulants

• 10 Liquid Flame Stimulants
7 • Slayer Mask (first round)

• Ritual Halo (second round)

• Wings of the Oceanid Vindicator (third round)
8 2 Divine Amulets
9 • 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies (if you have reached Junior Godhood)

• 2,000 Knowledge of Enemies (if you have not yet reached Junior Godhood)
10 • 1 Spark of Frugality

• 1 Spark of Memory

• 1 Spark of Evolution

• 1 Spark of Perfection


Play at home, stand united!