Gorgonide Gang: Results

“In return for a special prize each month, we’ll be challenging you with special custom tasks that could be related to any and all facets of Skyforge, such as levelling, dungeons and raids, boss hunting, exploration, content creation… The possibilities are endless”.

The latest custom challenge, Gorgonide Gang, has come to a close – time to tally the enemy losses and see how you did in this bounty hunt!

Ianna requested the destruction of 300 bosses via Gorgonide distortions in return for a special set of Epic Loot Armor. This included missions within E1 (Viper Lair), E2 (Kirsa & Rayna), E3 (Special Hydra Strike), E4 (Hyscena the Torturer), the Gorgonide training avatar, and even Akonita herself.


We give a respectful salute to any and all immortals who took part in assaulting the Gorgonides during their invasion of Aelion, and thank you all for contributing to the defence and safety of our home world. We hope you enjoy the new armour and now look forward to initiating the August Monthly Challenge.

-The Skyforge Team