Monthly Challenge: Gorgonide Gang

Emergency broadcast! Aelion is under attack once more – requesting assistance from all able-bodied Immortals as soon as possible!

Having sent the bulk of our forces to clean up the magnificent mess you made of those encroaching mechanoids during the previous challenge, we were unprepared for the new threat that has pierced our atmosphere – the Gorgonides. As part of our latest Monthly Challenge, we call upon you to save Aelion by staving off these malignant mutants once more.


From July 7th to August 4th, Ianna is requesting the destruction of 300 bosses (any) via Gorgonide distortions in return for a special set of epic armour. So, are you ready? Good – here’s our battleplan for the upcoming assaults:

E1: Viper Lair" – available now
E2: "Kirsa and Rayna" – available now
E3: "Special Hydra Strike" – available @ 19/7/2017
E4: "Hyscena the Torturer" – available @ 26/7/2017

We will be able to check the kill-count ourselves once the event is concluded. Naturally, kills from before the start date and after the end date will not count. On the same note, there are presently no in-game means for players to count the kills, thus you will need to handle that aspect manually. No physical proof required – simply slay the required number of enemies within the allotted time to be eligible for your epic reward!


Time is of the essence, Immortal. With even more threats and challenges heading your way next month, we hope you’ll have the Gorgonides grounded into the grass beforehand. Good luck out there!

-The Skyforge Team