Gorgonide Invasion started

Aelion is in danger! A Gorgonide army has already landed on our planet. Get ready for battle. Bedazzling Aconita's troops know no mercy, they plan to enslave the inhabitants of Aelion and develop their biological material for their own needs. Only the combined forces of the young gods can challenge the enemy.

New adventures and difficulties

Ninth generation equipment has become available with the start of the new invasion season. To obtain it, complete adventures in Leunar Swamps, Mare Sacro Monastery, Targo Islands and Operation Isabella at current difficulty levels.

Sabotage is a direct path to victory over the enemy. In this invasion season you will come across four new distortions. The commanders of the Gorgonide army are cunning and strong. You will need all your skills to defeat them. Get ready for the hottest battles! You will receive different epic quality items as rewards. Players who defeat the fourth and last distortion boss will have the chance to earn a legendary weapon of the current generation.
The Viper Lair distortion will be available from the first week of the invasion. If you defeat your opponent, you will get epic quality equipment and can destroy enemies even more efficiently.


Viper lair Distortion boss abilities

  • Viper Lair. The entire battlefield is covered with numerous snake nests. If you hit a nest, several weak but aggressive snakes will come out of it. At first you could meet Iriza, the chief protector of the nests, on the battlefield. Before dying, Iriza will summon Oscabon, a more powerful successor.
  • Poisonous Spit. This boss selects a random target and spits poison at them. The poison leaves behind a puddle that inflicts damage to anyone that stands in it.
  • Strong Offspring. The boss selects the most mature egg in the next and gives it a shield. After a time, a strong snake hatches from this egg. While close to the egg, the boss will continue to periodically cover it with a shield. Sometimes such eggs have divine spark particles. If a character collects three particles, they can get divine form. However, if the snake manages to hatch out of its cocoon with the spark, the spark will be lost.
  • Crazy Cry. Only used by the boss Iriza. Causes all enemies within a cone in front to flee in panic.
  • Poisonous Jet. Only used by the boss Iriza. Boss spits out powerful poisonous bursts at a random target. The bursts repel enemy targets when they land.
  • Underhand Strike Only used by the boss Oscabon. Boss burrows in the grounds and suddenly jumps out from time to time, pushing aside everyone nearby.
  • Trembling Earth Only used by the boss Oscabon. Boss burrows in the ground and begins to periodically bursts out under random enemy targets. Oscabon will also repel any enemies that are nearby.
  • Destroy At Any Cost. A little while after the start of a battle of if any character has become a god, the boss flies into a rage and forces all eggs to hatch. In a rage, the boss gradually inflicts more and more damage with basic attacks.

In this phase, Iriza forms Oscabon's cocoon. The cocoon remains completely protected until the boss is born.

Sabotage in Reactor and Lending a Hand invasion adventures are now available. Don't forget that in these adventures you can receive epic items from the previous generation and for the first completion with an S rating you will also get an excellent costume!

All the information about the new equipment, its stats and special invasion rewards can be found here.


Flavius' Laboratory

Several new bonuses have been added that increase your efficiency in fighting the Gorgonides. You can now receive one Gorgonide sample a day. You can explore old nodes without using Gorgonide samples, but this will not give you Combat Superiority. If you obtain all Gorgonide Laboratory bonuses, you will accumulate 100% Combat Superiority.
Maximum Cathedral capacity has been increased to 200 000 followers. The top Tower of Knowledge rank has gone up to 150.
In the second week of the invasion the maximum available Bastion level will be increased! Maximum Bastion development will earn its owner 24850 might.

New series of Operations

A new round of recruitment to operations is beginning! Eliminate the threat to Aelion's security and receive additional rewards of credits, Knowledge of Enemies, and argents for completing regular game missions. Reach the top of the rankings and achieve the maximum level of operations to receive even more rewards.