Grand Prix Prototype 1 Event!

Attention, The Prototype Races Begin Soon!

We're very excited to announce the start of the first prototype race season! Members from all Orders have been eagerly awaiting their chance to compete on the Dawn Plateau track starting today, September 16th at 12:00pm PDT and continuing until September 30th.

All immortals and gods can send their adepts to the races to achieve both rewards and glory!

Among the prizes are two new unique mounts - the Repair Hornscute and the Fury Glider!

Grand Prix Prototype

Players will have the opportunity to gain access to multiple sets of class abilities, allowing free swapping of abilities & talents while not engaged in combat!

Participation in each race awards various prizes including:

  • Combat Consumables
  • Ammunition and Supplies
  • Holy Texts
  • Spark Replicators
  • Extra point of progress on the scale for receiving guaranteed prizes.

In addition, other prizes include a new style for the mechanic overalls, a racer outfit and even a racing helmet! Tickets for the Grand Prix can be earned through adventures or by purchasing them from the Market.

Skyforge Prototype Race

Rules of Participation

The promotion ends on the September 30th. Good Luck!