Invasion Revision & Reaper Invasion Live

Dear Community,

To better reflect our recent changes with the new resistance system, having introduced the Laboratory with March of Knowledge, we’re changing the cycle of the current invasions.

Reaper of Death

Before March of Knowledge, you had merely 2 days of warning, therefore limited time to prepare for the upcoming invasion (which would run for 12 days). Now you will have 7 days of warning, with an ongoing 14 days’ invasion.

In a nutshell, you'll have more time to gather Eidoses and keep the Laboratory working, preparing for the next arrival of each pending army. This also avoids spending currencies on batteries, allowing progression through six atlases at the same time – greatly boosting your potential for progression! Additionally, the adjustment will allow you to use Focus of Faith more wisely, which will help you progress faster as well.


Instead of a Friday announcement, we will move to a Monday to let you know what Invasion is arriving or landing. All invasions will therefore start on Monday @ 12:00 (realm local time). You should start seeing alerts during the week. After this alert, you have 13 days and 16 hours to deal with the invasion.

On that note, the Reapers of Death have initiated a new assault!

As of now, all able-bodied gods and immortals are invited to participate in Invasion missions. Before heading into the fray, be sure to spend your Knowledge to ensure that you're not confronting the Invasion without any Resistance stats! While a Reaper Invasion is not to be taken lightly, this does seem a good time for gods and immortals to experiment with the Laboratory and familiarize themselves with the changes to the resistance system.

Keep in mind that the Reaper of Death’s Avatar will not be accompanying their army during this assault, so be sure to continue your progress in the Reaper Atlas to ensure you’re fully prepared for the day the Avatar finally arrives.

Along with the Invasion adventures themselves, you can complete the following Reaper-centric adventures to earn Reaper Tokens, used in the aforementioned Reaper Atlas!

• Okki Island
• Darnic Village
• Aristel’s Farm
• Donholk Glacier
• Hespilon Temple

As always, we'd like to thank you for your continued feedback on the existing systems and hope you enjoy the new changes, as well as all the other great features brought forward by March of Knowledge!

-The Skyforge Team