Let Me Take A Selfie: Contest Winners!

While many Immortals recover from the bruises, scars and stress earned during their pursuit of the perfect selfie, it's time to unveil the winners of the dangerous Let Me Take A Selfie Contest. A huge thank you goes out to every participant for forging the largest and most creative collection of Skyforge selfies in existence – check them out!

Here are the the winning entries for NA!


If you are on this list, please create a post in the contest winner thread to confirm your costume choice – Aborigine Costume, Unit Armour, or Extreme Gear!

1st Place - Kymera Gygax


2nd Place - Alphonse Krane


3rd Place - Varric Teskas


Stay tuned for even more contests, prizes & fun in the near future – and don't hesitate visiting the Creativity Corner to share your own snapshots and memories!