Trivia of the Gods Contest

Grab your party hat and put your fingers on the buzzer – it’s time to celebrate Skyforge’s second anniversary through a collection of special activities, such as the anniversary login event, pack-sale, and the Trivia of Gods Contest – an easy way to get your hands on lots of lovely prizes just by taking part!

If you are particularly knowledgeable about Aelion, you could get your hands on something much better by giving all the correct answers to our simple trivia quiz – but what could it be? Time will tell. Celebrations will begin on the 18th of July, the contest will end on the 25th of July (and all non-contest events shall end on the 1st of August (8am PDT)).


As for the Trivia of the Gods contest, think you’ve got the mental-chops to answer all 15 Skyforge-based questions correctly? Then prove it within our Trivia of the Gods google document and you will receive a guaranteed participation prize. However, the 5 fastest people to answer all 15 questions correctly shall receive something special in return, so don’t hold back!

Winners of the Trivia of Gods contest (and their respective prizes) will be announced on the 27th of July, so until then, we hope you all thoroughly enjoy the anniversary events and wish you well during your upcoming adventures across Aelion. Here’s to a second year!

-The Skyforge Team