Mechanoid Invasion Approaching!

Celebrations are still ongoing following Aelion’s successful defense against the invading Phytonides but these celebrations are short lived.

In a days’ time, Mechanoids will enter the area surrounding Aelion as they make the final preparations for their assault. While the defenders of Aelion had hoped the Phytonide invasion was an anomaly, it’s now clear alien Invasions are to be a consistent threat to the way of life on Aelion, making its defense the highest of priorities.
Machines that were once used to turn Aelion into the technologically advanced civilization it is today are now seeking to take control of this land and its people.

Skyforge Invasions Mechanoids

The Mechanoid Invasion marks the second to strike against Aelion since the launch of Skyforge. These invasion activities will now be occurring on a regular basis as the invading armies attempt to gain a significant foothold on Aelion. The herald of these invaders has not yet made an appearance and, until they see Aelion as more than weak lesser-beings, will not feel the need to waste their time accompanying the fleet.
The more Invasions Aelion conquers, the stronger we become in both experience and in our increased resistance to the armies’ harmful effects.

The Mechanoid Invasion will enter its preparatory period on September 16th – Heed Aelion’s Call!