Mechanoid Invasion Extended


The Mechanoid invasion has almost been repelled. The intelligent machines are suffering losses on all fronts. Junior gods have not only dealt with all the distortion generals, they have also fought the champion version of the Integrator avatar. The scientists and engineers of Aelion are rubbing their hands with glee - it has been a long time since they have had such a vast amount of materials to study.

However, it will be a while before the planet can be completely rid of the enemy army. Mechanoids continue to hold various important outposts. It will be at least two weeks before the Integrator decides it is not worth suffering any more losses and flees.


Use this time wisely! Gather the best equipment, get up to speed, unlock all the symbols in the bastions. Fight the champion version of the Mechanoid avatar and earn a trophy you can exchange for a unique divine weapon. Get ready for the next invasion. The next enemy army is already approaching!

Scouts say that a Gorgonide armada, led by the Bedazzling Aconita avatar, is making its way to Aelion. According to preliminary estimates, it will arrive at the planet on June 14th.

Even though Aconita has already been to Aelion, few were able to defeat her. Test your skills! New distortions and ninth generation equipment items await you. Don't forget to explore all the currently available Gorgonide bonuses in Flavius's Laboratory, so you can start gathering combat superiority from the very start of the invasion. Gather all your strength and prepare to fight!
Good luck!