Mechanoid Invasion is Live!

The Mechanoids have begun their assault on Aelion once again and it’s time to hold, demolishing any Invader that seeks to pass!

During the Mechanoid Invasion you’re invited to participate in any of Invasion missions available to you, provided you have the required resistances. Participating in Invasion missions will earn Eidos, which can be used to increase your resistance knowledge that, in turn, is directly used to increase your Resistances in your Pantheon menu! Those without a Pantheon can receive temporary resistance items every day during the Invasion from your offering chest in the Hall of Orders.

Note that this time, you’ll be able attack Integrator in its “Champion Challenge” as soon as it lands, to strike at the heart of the invading army. We still recommend to prepare against this formidable foe in its training adventure before taking on the real challenge, in particular because each Immortal engaging in Operations on Aelion will lower both the life and the damage of Integrator - the Mechanoid Avatar.

Along with the Invasion adventures themselves, you can complete the following Mechanoid-centric adventures to earn Mechanoid Tokens!

• Factory 501
• Saiban Archipelago
• Palon Prototype Plant
• Facility 902

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