Mowing Down Machavann Conclusion


The battle to repel the Phytonide’s and their Great God’s Avatar was hard fought. Machavann will think twice before planting his seeds in Aelion soil after the serious weed whacking he received!


With a total score of 14,126, the Phytonide’s have been thoroughly repelled and the final goal has been achieved! Thanks to your valiant efforts, Aeli’s Blessing will be bestowed upon all immortals for 5 days. This means a 50% drop rate increase of Credit and Knowledge of Enemies.


In addition to Aeli’s Blessing, all players who completed the "Machavann's Avatar" adventure during the event will receive the highly coveted final color variant of the Snow Queen/King attire! The highly anticipated costumes will be delivered soon for those who have earned it. A lot of you participated, there’s a lot of names to gather!


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