Mowing Down Machavann

Aelion appears to have come down with a beat of weed infestation. The Phytonides are here, and every plant that blooms is a potential threat to the planet, it’s people, and its ecosystem; but none more so than the mighty Avatar of Machavann. So, assemble the gardening crew because it’s time to mow down Machavann!

From the 26th of April to the 15th of May every victory against the Phytonide’s Avatar, across all servers and platforms, will help contribute to the activation of Aeli’s Blessing, and the retrieval of a particularly elusive costume.



Complete the “Coming of Machavann” or “Machavann’s Avatar” Adventures during the course of the event. Each completion of either adventure will give all participants 1 point towards the total score needed to activate Aeli’s Blessing.

Points will be gathered on a global scale, across all platforms meaning that PC, PS4 and Xbox players from EU, NA and RU will be working together to reach each goal!


Three goals have been put in place, and for each goal the total score hits the greater your rewards will be!

● 5000 Completions - 1 Day of Aeli’s Blessing
● 8000 Completions - 3 Days of Aeli’s Blessing
● 12000 Completions - 5 Days of Aeli’s Blessing + Snow King Attire / Snow Queen Attire (Orange Variant)


● Aeli’s Blessing

Depending on which goal you reach, Aeli’s Blessing can activate for a total of 5 days. While Aeli’s Blessing is active, Credits and Knowledge of Enemies obtained from adventures are increased by 50% for everyone on the server!


● Costume

If you manage to reach the final goal AND have completed the “Machavann’s Avatar” adventure, you will receive the final variant of the costume that was just out of reach in the previous invasion event!


Best of luck Immortals! Don’t let a flower become Aelion’s undoing.

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