A Sinking Feeling

Avast ye landlubbers! Across the vast oceans of Aelion the Oceanids have rallied around the Great God Tol-Monter for yet another full-scale assault on the surface world. Now Immortals are notoriously poor swimmers... sinking like a stone, despite all their divine glory. Unless you’re all gilled up like the one and only Protheus, this can make our aquatic foes fairly tricky to take on. Best option? Sink them before they can sink us!

From December 10 to January 7, our goal is a preemptive strike against the leaders of the Oceanid Invasion. We ask that all Immortals aim to take on the distortion bosses as early as they unveil themselves. Each victory will count towards a total score across all servers and platforms, leading to grand rewards and blessings!

Sink the Distortions

A successful victory against a distortion boss will count as one point towards the total score. The magically sealed Khelp Lorro, the vengeful Naiad sisters Alciona and Melia, the keeper of vast Oceanid knowledge Wise Latanu, and the instigator of Aelion’s remnants Nautilus.

  • Week 1: A1 Lorro the Cold
  • Week 3: A2 Alciona and Melia
  • Week 5: A3 Wise Latanu
  • Week 5: A4 Nautilus

Sink the Avatar

Defeating the distortion bosses before they have a chance to retaliate will leave Tol-Monter all the more exposed. A successful victory against the Great-God’s Avatar, whether it be Training or Champion, will count as an additional point towards the total score!


As you face off against the Oceanids, and the total score increases, your rewards will grow greater:

  • Goal 1: 6,000 Points
  • Goal 2: 7,000 Points
  • Goal 3: 8,000 Points


Aeli’s Blessing

For each goal reached, additional days of Aeli’s Blessing will be activated for a total of 10 days upon reaching the final goal. While Aeli’s Blessing is active, Credits and Knowledge of Enemies obtained from adventures are increased by 50% for every Immortal!

Sailor Outfit

Your triumphs against the Oceanids and their tumultuous waves will be aptly rewarded with the Sailor Outfit!

Personally defeating Tol-Monter’s Champion Avatar during the course of the event will reward you with the blue color variant.

So, brave the waters and take on the most powerful of the abyssal Oceanids! Only then will we be able toss these flailing fish fiends off our lands and back where they belong! Aeli will reward your bravery...just try not losing your step.