Mysteries of Love: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Skyforge!

Aelion has succumbed to a strange magic… It looks like love is in the air! The Mysteries of Love event has begun, bringing with it a host of new events and special rewards. Reunite star-crossed lovers, rebuff romantic advances from rogue monsters, and share the love in Skyforge this Valentine's Day!


The things we do for love… Three lovely quests return for the Mysteries of Love event, with rewards and special currency available upon completion of each!

  • Beautiful and Dangerous: Between 09:00-13:00 and 18:00-22:00 (Server Time adheres to CET for EU servers and PT for US and Xbox servers) every day throughout the Mysteries of Love event, defend the Park from flowery invaders to earn event currency!
  • Dark Side of Love: Flavius has been experimenting with Dryads, and he’s accidentally reprogrammed one to be in love with… you! Watch out for ‘gifts’ from your chlorophyllic suitor in the form of Triffids, and if you get the chance, try to let the poor Dryad down easy.
  • Messenger of Love: It’s time to play Cupid! Two lovers have become separated in the hustle and bustle of Aelinar, and only an Immortal can reunite them and rekindle the flames of their love. Dress up in your cherubic new work gear, grab your bow, and let Cupid’s arrow fly!

These quests all reward you with Rose Quartz, a Valentine’s currency that can be redeemed in the Market for exclusive rewards.


Use your Rose Quartz to get brand-new rewards from the Market, including new Costumes, Wings, hairstyles, and other cosmetics inspired by Japanese fashion and lovely sakura blossom! Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Astrelium (Companion): A new friendship is in bloom!
  • Vengeful Spirit Mask: Inspired by kitsune masks, this will surely instil fear in Aelion’s enemies!
  • Idol Costume: Elegant and futuristic.
  • Exotic Wings: Sakura is in bloom! Spread your wings and show off your beautiful cherry blossom branches.
  • Geisha Makeup: Make your Immortal beautiful!
  • Spring Bloom Set: Contains three hairstyles that’ll definitely make you stand out in the crowd!

Rewards available in previous Valentine’s events are also returning. Start questing to earn Rose Quartz and check out the Market to see everything that’s on offer!


If you’re looking for love, everyone’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed Immortal. This Valentine’s Day, dress to impress with a burning hot selection of Packs containing the clothes you need to transform into a dashing Casanova or a seductive siren!

There’s also a new Pack launching next week: the Oriental Motifs Pack, which contains the stunning Kimono Costume. Stay tuned for more!

The Mysteries of Love event is active in Skyforge from February 10 on PC and from February 11 on PlayStation and Xbox. You can’t hurry love, but be sure to play before March 3 to see everything it has to offer!