Oceanid Invasion Week 3


The third week of the Oceanid invasion is underway. Heroes now have access to new difficulty levels of certain group adventures. Join the operations Medea and Ophelia, fight the Mechanoids, Phytonides, and Demons, and receive generation 11 epic equipment!


The vanguard of the invading army has set up bases on our planet to prepare for the arrival of Tol-Monter’s Avatar. The coming of this terrifying creature has boosted the morale of the enemy troops. They are ready to attack Aelion with all their might. Immortals must take action!

Experienced fighters will test their skills against the champion avatar of the great god of the Oceanids.

For victory, they will receive:

  • 1–6 trophies if the character has unlocked less than 6 divine specializations for trophies;
  • 1 Avatar’s Artifact if the character has received less than 4 Avatar’s Artifacts;
  • Halo of the Oceanid vindicator;
  • Legendary jewelry.

Novices will face the training version of the enemy’s avatar. This adventure is much easier than the previous one. It is adapted for groups of 5 characters. Its purpose is to prepare young gods for the battle against Tol-Monter. Now if your character has unlocked less than 4 divine specializations, you will get Avatar Trophies for completing the invasion avatar's training challenge for the first 1-4 runs! Although, everyone will have to go through the training version first, because a successful run gives you a chance to receive a new Khelp mount.

You also have a chance to receive generation 11 legendary jewelry for victory over any version of the avatar.


This week Immortals can receive 8 rewards for a feat instead of 4 when they complete quests on Thea and in the Antean Wasteland.

Also the Oceanids are still attacking Naori Island!

Region Invasion

Get to Naori Island right away. Help the Templars, eliminate the invaders and rescue Aelion. The Oceanids have prepared well for an attack - they have occupied several sandbanks and installed storm generators to create heavy downpours. Destroy the generators, don't let the underwater creatures get the upper hand. The enemy gets stronger and more dangerous during downpours.

Protheus, the leader of the Oceanids of Aelion is helping our forces. Protheus and Flavius have worked together to create special amplifiers. These complex mechanisms help Protheus calm the enemy monsters and lure them over to our side. But there is a small problem - pronouncing the spell requires time and the amplifiers are attracting hordes of enemies. The planet's forces require your help to protect the amplifiers.


By the way, rumor has it that some Oceanids on Naori Island have special jewelry that can help you find incredible treasures. But perhaps it is just a rumor.

Fight fiercely and mercilessly, immortals. Oceanids want to conquer our world - let them perish here!