Oceanid Invasion Week 5

The Oceanid invasion is coming to its final stretch: many players have gained an over 50% increase to their Combat Superiority and managed to collect valuables and Stones of Strength with a x35 multiplier. Alciona and Melia are defeated, and Lorro the Cold, barely reborn, fell again, stricken down by a group of epic brooch hunters.


Many think that this invasion no longer poses a threat to Aelionians. However, this is an illusion. Today begins the fifth week of the invasion, which means that the difficulty level of all group adventures and raids has been updated, and now allows you to receive the latest-generation equipment.


The last generals of the Oceanid army have arrived. To this day, you might have thought Lorro the Cold together with Alciona and Melia formidable enemies. But now a real battle awaits the heroes!

Adventure Equipment Characteristics Quantity Required Prestige
Onslaught of the Sea: Nautilus Epic Weapon Ranged Damage 75% No restrictions
Lowers target’s defense 30%
Damage at the start of the battle 90%
Control Efficiency 45%
Total Damage 75%
Damage to Shields 300%
Endurance 30%
Block 60%
Support Aura Efficiency 60%
Shield Capacity 60%
Onslaught of the Sea: Wise Latanu Artifact Additional Health 152% No restrictions


By successfully fighting the demons hiding in the ruins of the ancient temple you will receive the new equipment you require. Hurry to the Operation Ophelia, immortal!


Adventure Equipment Characteristics Quantity Required Prestige
Operation Ophelia Epic Emerald Health Multiplier 23–35 13.5 m
Companion Attack Multiplier 23–35
Rare Emerald Health Multiplier 17–26
Companion Attack Multiplier 17–26
Epic Topaz Critical Damage Multiplier 23–35
Base Damage Multiplier 23–35
Rare Topaz Critical Damage Multiplier 17–26
Base Damage Multiplier 17–26


Three group adventures have been updated to the current difficulty level at once: Icy Plateau, Daren Facility, and Hespilon Temple. Try those before setting out on the more difficult adventures.

Adventure Equipment Characteristics Quantity Required Prestige
Icy Plateau Rare Emerald Health Multiplier 17–26 10 m
Companion Attack Multiplier 17–26
Daren Facility Rare Topaz Critical Damage Multiplier 17–26 10 m
Base Damage Multiplier 17–26
Hespilon Temple Rare Weapon Ranged Damage 56% 10 m
Lowers target’s defense 68%
Damage at the start of the battle 23%
Control Efficiency 34%
Total Damage 56%
Damage to Shields 225%
Endurance 23%
Block 45%
Support Aura Efficiency 45%
Shield Capacity 45%
Artifact Additional Health 114%

By assembling a set of the best equipment and gaining more Combat Superiority, you will undoubtedly become a threat to Tol-Monter. Challenge the avatar of the evil Oceanid deity. If not you, then who else?


Oceanids are not the only ones to threaten Aelion! Armies of other enemies, knowing no respite, attack peaceful settlements, capture factories, and destroy ancient cultural heritage. Fight back against them by participating in the new set of operations.


To unlock the operations, complete any Squad, Group, or Invasion adventure. By fulfilling all of the requirements, you will receive Credits and Knowledge of Enemies. And those that manage to collect enough tokens, will be able to move on to the next operation—which are rewarded with Argents.

Good luck, immortals! Great battles await you, and you will certainly be victorious!