Phytonide Invasion is Live! 03/07/2016

The Phytonides have returned to Aelion, ready to spread their brood among the local flora! Select from your finest dressings as we prepare to feast upon a bountiful salad buffet.

All able-bodied gods and immortals are invited to participate in Invasion missions. Participating in Invasion missions will earn Eidos, which in turn can be used in the Laboratory to earn Knowledge & increase your ranking. Knowledge is used on one end of the Invasion Atlas, providing Resistances and other stats. Increasing your Rank gives a chance of earning highly beneficial rewards, such as Epic Equipment and Faith consumables, every 8 hours of research.

ALERT: The Phytonide Avatar has been sighted accompanying the invading forces. This Avatar’s first appearance resulted in Aelion’s victory – Let’s make sure it stays that way!

Phytonide Invasion

Along with the Invasion adventures themselves, you can complete the following Phytonide-centric adventures to earn Phytonide Tokens and earn yourself plenty of Phytonide Sparks for use in the aforementioned Phytonide Atlas!

  • Alakur Island
  • Daren Facility

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