Results: The Artful Revenant

As the shadow of our upcoming new class – the Revenant – looms ever closer, the Artful Revenant Contest has come to an end. We’d first like to thank each and every participant for their glorious contest entries – but what was at stake? Well, two weeks ago, we asked you, the community, to design custom weapons and armours that would befit their idea of the Revenant. In return, we’d be handing out instant-access to the new class, as well as these other fantastic goodies!


  • The Revenant Quickplay Pack (Class unlock, 3 days Premium, 15,000 Premium Rank points)

So, who amongst you will be the first to butcher enemies of Aelion with this two-handed axe wielding death merchant? Without further ado, here are your lucky winners and their fantastic designs:

1st Place: Vampy Mimi PS4


2nd Place: Schtoiven Diombre PC


3rd Place: MissCombatQueen PS4


On the cusp of the arrival of this shadowy apparition and its siphoning magics, we once again thank all participants and give a tip of the hat to the lucky winners. We hope you enjoy laying waste to your enemies with the Revenant and pray you do not leave too big a mess behind in your wake.

Don’t forget that the “Revenant” Collector’s Edition is still available, providing access to the Revenant class alongside other amazing goods and currencies for those who want that little bit of extra spring in their marauding step. No matter what you decide, we wish you good fortune in your upcoming Aelion adventures, regardless of class, and look forward to see you on Aelion.

-The Skyforge Team