Skyforge Facebook Beta Keys Giveaway - Keys Sent!

Immortals! Over the past month, thousands of you have descended on our Facebook page to show your support and enter for a chance to win one of 500 Skyforge beta keys. Your enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed and the Skyforge team is ecstatic to have so many fans join us in our ongoing efforts to ensure Skyforge winds is a success. With the Facebook giveaway now officially over, we’d like to remind everyone to check their email inbox (and spam folder just in case) to see if you were one of the lucky beta recipients! If you happen to use Gmail, you might find your key filtered to the “promotions” tab.

Of course, not everyone who entered was fortunate enough to receive an invite, but don’t worry! There are still got plenty of opportunities on the horizon for you to snag access to the upcoming Skyforge beta. We know the importance of having closed beta tests with a wide range of active testers, so we’ll be regularly adding additional players as we move closer towards the next phase of testing. Just make sure you’ve signed up for the beta on!

As we send out additional keys, we’ll notify you here and on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page to ensure you don’t miss your chance at securing access.

Congratulations again to the winners! We’ll see in you in the beta!