Skyforge T-Shirt Design Contest!


Immortals! It's time to flex your creativity!

We're challenging the community to create an official Skyforge t-shirt design. The design is up to you - the only restriction for your design is that it has to be related to Skyforge.

The player who creates the winning design, as judged by the Skyforge team, will receive a t-shirt featuring their design printed on the shirt. The top 10 designers, including the winner, will also be rewarded with beta access!

To get started, first download the T-Shirt template by right-clicking here and selecting ‘Save Link As…’. Once you have the template create your design and save your submission as a PNG file. Remember that your submission must adhere to the requirement listed in the Rules & Regulations section below. When you're ready, submit your entry as reply to the Official T-Shirt Design Contest submission thread on the Skyforge forum.

Useful tip: If you don't have an image editing program such as Photoshop we recommend downloading GIMP - a very good, free, image editing program.

Starting today, you'll have until February 2nd to submit your entries. Winners will be announced on February 3rd.

Good luck!

Rules & Restrictions:
- Entries must adhere to the following requirements:
- Color Mode: RGB, 8-bit
- Resolution: 300 DPI
- Size: 17.5" x 19"- Participants must submit their entry by replying to this topic on the Skyforge forum. Entries can be either a link to the image or the image itself.
- Participants can submit a maximum of one entry per day
- Participants cannot post their entry as a comment / message on Facebook, tweet to @GodsofSkyforge, comment on YouTube or comment on Google+. Any such entries will be ignored. Only entries in this topic will be considered valid
- Entries cannot contain any copyrighted material with the only exception to material copyrighted by & Skyforge
- Entries cannot contain any material that violates the Skyforge Forum Code of Conduct, Forum Terms of Service or account Terms of Service
- Using multiple accounts to submit additional entries is prohibited. Anyone found using multiple accounts will be disqualified and their second account will be permanently banned from the forum
- Winners will be determined by the subjective judgement of the Skyforge team
- The Skyforge T-Shirt Design Contest entry period begins at 12:01am PST January 20 and ends at 11:59 PM PST February 2
- Winners will be announced on February 3
- By submitting your entries you agree to surrender all ownership & copyright claims to your design

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