Skyforge Fashion Event

The Elder Guardian team will hold their first event this weekend - 11-12th of March!


Grab your best outfits and accessories and head to the park in the evening to take part in the event. What you have to do is simple, EG’s will name a theme, you design a costume to fit that theme, they will judge your costume and if you impress the judges you will take home a reward code!

We will also hold a contest for the best costume for each theme that is named. There will be 5 themes, which will be secret until the event begins!


How to participate:

The EG team will name a theme and you design an outfit to fit that theme.

There will be a judge from EG team who will approve the costume, if they deem it worthy you will take home a prize! If not, you can try again for the next theme.

There will also be grand prize for the best outfit for each theme and we will show off your costume on the website!

We will gather screenshots of all the costumes that participate so we can pick the best outfit for each theme. to take home the approved costume prize you need to send your screenshot with hidden UI (CTRL + U) to the EG judge.


We are holding the fashion contest in the game during the weekend of 11th and 12th of March at 18:00 server time (CET and PST for NA and EU separately). It will be held at the park, to participate you have to go there.


  • Victor's Medal x500
  • Best costume for a theme: Market Costume of your choice

Rules & Regulations:

  • You can only get an approved prize once, but you are allowed to participate in all the themes.
  • To get the approved costume prize you need to post the screenshot in this thread, so we can add you to the participation for the best costume prize!
  • We will gather participations from both servers NA & EU and all outfits will participate in the best costume contest.
  • The approved costume prize will be sent to you as a code.
  • Any costume and decoration items are allowed to be used.
  • Any screenshots you send to the EG members could be posted on the website.
  • The EG team will vote on the participations for each theme and we will announce the winners of the “Best Costume” in the following week after the contest.
  • If you disrupt the event on purpose, there will be punitive action taken against your account.
  • You can select any costume from the market for the  “Costume of choice”.
  • By entering you are agreeing to your pictures to be posted on our social media.