Skyforge Livestream #14: The Mechanoids Advance!

The Skyforge Team invites the community to join us Thursday, September 24that 11:00am PDT (8pm CEST) as we battle for Aelion against the Invading hordes!

Join Skyforge’s Community Manager Michael “Spunky” Dunaway and Content Manager Gabriel “Toasty” Pursel as they confront the invading Mechanoid army on the battlefield in the name of Aelion! Following the team’s inevitable success, we’ll host a short Q/A session at the end of the stream – If you have a question you’d like answered, be sure to ask in Twitch chat during the Q/A, or post them on the official Skyforge Forums, Facebook, or Twitter beforehand! Prizes will be given out during the stream, so be sure not to miss it!


When: September 24th at 11:00am PDT (8pm CEST)
Duration: ~1 hour

Congratulations to our raffle winners!

  • Reverbo
  • Daramatul
  • Sivid_kyle
  • 1ForLyfe
  • Le_henv
  • Tehnix
  • MrFester
  • Velgor
  • blooddrunkreaper
  • Karolinne_kira
  • Jof16s
  • Pykish
  • Form00
  • Neravali
  • Amar_Baap

Costume Winners will need to send us a message on Twitch with your character's name and server.