St. Patrick’s Day Event 2019

Immortals of Aelion!

Your powers solve numerous problems, heal the sick and smite the wicked! But, does it give you the power of luck? We don’t think so. St. Patrick’s Day has come to Aelion once again! This year, we have new additions to the event. Including a new chain of quests. Complete all 5 to earn an awesome St. Patrick’s Day outfit!

Aelion is filled to the brim with people, with no end of tasks to complete! While this event is active, complete Directives to earn the Green Magic Box. You can earn one chest daily. Keep your eyes on the prize; there’s some wonderful St. Patrick’s themed items to be earned!

The St. Patrick's Day Event begins March 15 and ends March 19. With only 5 days available to grab as many of these goodies as possible, luck benefits the swift.