Valentines Day Event 2018

Attention Defenders!
See the world of Aelion through rose colored glasses this Valentines Day! All loot boxes and health orbs will be adjusted to correspond to this new, romantic, and love-stricken worldview. As usual, this is Flavius's doing, and not intentional. Flavius, a highly effective god, is far from an infallible one. He makes mistakes, and when he does, oh… does he make mistakes?


Dark Side of Love

The long stretches of intermittent explosions, rancid puffs of smoke, and outrageous laughter that could be heard emanating from Flavius's workshop prior to the shift in orb design was a mischievous attempt by the God to 'take the teeth out of the dryads' (his words) and eliminate them as a threat to the beings of Aelion once and for all.

To reprogram a Dryad, Flavius began conducting experiments near his almost infinite set of n-dimensional beakers of 'all things and their genetic makeup'. Flavius had wanted to see if it could be possible to persuade a Dryad to love the men and women of Aelion by crafting a love potion. However, as does happen, instead of using the 17th dimensional beaker to the left of his Genetic Alteration workbench titled: 'Core Identities fundamental to all Immortals', he grabbed his 89th dimensional beaker of genomes specific to every immortal in Aelion inauspiciously labeled: 'Blokes of Aelion'.

The result? Between February 14th and February 28th , all players that have ever benefited from Flavius's help will have acquired a brand new, never used, original, and highly determined Dryad stalker.

This dryad will stop at nothing to send gifts, rewards, and romantic letters confessing their personal, deep, and unyielding love for you! In return, your Dryad stalker asks that you, just be there to be loved. Players should keep their eyes open to spotting bouquets of Triffids, currency awards, consumables and sometimes even a letter from the Dryad themselves!

Messenger of Love

You slayed demons and destroyed Oceanoids but the real test for an immortal is to see if they are capable of compassion and love. And one god is purely devoted to it: Thais.

Thais, the goddess of love, has need of an adventurer of skills like your own: a strong arm, true aim, and a sense of romance. She will provide you with a temporary cherub like appearance, and a temporary archer like skill. Use these newfound abilities to find specific boys and girls in the Park of Aelion and make true love blossom! Thais has a list of everyone playing in the park, it's not a detailed list, but Thais is confident that his vague understanding of what needs to be done will get done by someone clever enough to figure out who's who, and whom this who's who needs to fall in love with before February 28th!

Locate the specified character, use Thais's temporary event skill, fire a gold-tipped arrow into the heart of the NPC, and let love do the rest!

Rewards for the event include consumables, currency, and a chance at receiving more letters from your stalker!


Event Shop

Beginning February 14th, many events in Aelion will be awarding a special event currency. Use this currency at the Aelion Event Shop.

These items and more will be on offer until February 28th. Every item within the Event Shop will be purchasable with the Event Currency with the sole exception of one special trinket, requiring argents. This item bestows a unique title upon the player and is an absolute must for completionists!

Item Event Currency Amount
Wings of Love Rose Quartz 7500
Contrabass Manual Rose Quartz 6000
Rose Petals Rose Quartz 5000
Ether Projector Rose Quartz 25
Diabolist Costume Rose Quartz 7500
Firework Rose Quartz 7
Formal Clothes Rose Quartz 7600
Summer Costume Rose Quartz 6100
Drums Manual Rose Quartz 6000
Cynia Flower Rose Quartz 15000
Set of Rose Quartz Replicators Argents 500
Exquisite Fantasy Set Rose Quartz 4600

This Valentine's Day, love may be everywhere, but it is in the hearts and souls of the Immortals of Aelion that we want it to be felt the most. Pick your favorite task this Valentines and enjoy Aelion every bit as much as we do!

Go! Make Love and be loved!