Valentine's Event -2017

They say love can crop up in the most unexpected of places – the war-faring world of Aelion being no exception. Thanks to Flavius' latest laboratory shenanigans, be prepared for love to find YOU during Skyforge's Valentine's Event, beginning on the 8th of February and ending on the 1st of March!


The Dark Side Of Love

After a near-successful attempt to reprogram a dryad, it would seem that Flavius's latest experiment did not go according to plan. Just before he could proclaim his success, the Dryad unexpectedly confessed their new-found devotion to YOU, Immortal. Head-over-heels with the savior of Aelion, thanks to Flavius's tinkering, you now find yourself being the center of the Dryad's attention. Will you accept her gifts of adoration?


Bouquets of triffids will be sent from the Dryad during your adventures across Aelion, each containing valuable currencies, consumables, or even letters from the Dryad herself which can net you further rewards if you choose to respond.
You will also have the opportunity to spread love throughout Aelion yourself, taking on the appearance of Cupid and helping the residents of Aelion discover their soul-mates in return for even more valuable goodies!
Busy saving Aelion from the latest threats? Then have your adepts take part in special missions on your behalf and earn yourself even more rewards.


Currency earned during the Valentine’s Event can be used to purchase all manner of great items. Someone special in your Skyforge life? Serenade them with musical instruments of your choice, take them out for a special dance, or adorn them with a special Valentine’s title. Still on the lookout for the perfect partner? Then grab yourself a new costume, haircut, or the ever-impressive white-wings before you paint the town red!
All this, and more, awaits you this Valentine’s – don’t miss out!

-The Skyforge Team