Week in Review – The Pantheon Wars – 02/26/2016

Another cycle meets its end and the battle over the Celestial Temple begins again! Who still controls a temple and who is left watching it burn? Let’s take a look!

Gold League

Gold league managed to show off quite a few good battles this time around, however not everyone can stay on top forever. Eterna pushed their way from the 7th temple all the way up to 5th, knocking Lux Aeterna out of the coveted Golden League. Interestingly, Elysium took advantage of the empty rank 6 temple to get themselves out of the silver league, making it their new home. Will they be able to hold their own in the Gold League? We’ll have to wait and find out!

Silver League

Leading the Silver League is Filth and Debauchery after dethroning the long-standing rank 1 temple holder Havoc. While on the subject: in an act that was either clever or lucky, Myrmidons seized control over Filth and Debauchery’s previous 4th rank temple, moving them up from 9th in the process. Following these interesting events, the pantheon Lunaticos has appeared seemingly out of nowhere, taking over the rank 2 temple from Midgard! It’s always good to see a new challenger muscle their way into the brawl, but coming in unprepared could have your reign end sooner than anticipated!


Ratings & Space Program Progress

Last week, Filth and Debauchery managed to force their way to the top 3 in the Pantheon Rankings but they weren’t done yet, successfully finding themselves sitting pretty at the top of the rankings followed by Exile and Legion of Archangels. This week the rankings continue to shift with Aurora returning to their second place position! Every Pantheon has been working hard making progress towards the space program this time around, with Exile surpassing 2 million & Myrmidons being the second Pantheon to pass the million mark! Other Pantheons are close behind, making their way up the ladder and preparing for the inevitable launch of the Hyperion Satellite!

That’s all for this week, we look forward to seeing what other exciting happenings the Pantheon Wars have in store for us in the future!

If you have any Pantheon War screenshots or videos you’d like to showcase, don’t hesitate to share them with the community!