Skyforge - Week in Review [February 15th]

Recently, we went in-depth with some of the various mechanics at play behind Skyforge’s stat system and announced the Skyforge Valentine’s Day contest winners! Here’s a quick recap of all the Skyforge reveals from the past week:

Skyforge Mechanics: Stats and Abilities

In Skyforge, players are given the tools necessary for them to create a character that fits their play style and battle tactics. Learn how Skyforge’s wide variety of stats and unique talents give players freedom to experiment with their character’s builds!


Valentine’s Day Card Contest – Winners Announced!

Valentine’s Day is over and so is the Skyforge Valentine’s Day card contest. Find out which 10 entries managed to steal the hearts of the Skyforge dev team and score beta access for two!


Weekly Developer Q/A: Stat Balancing

In this week's Dev Q/A we touch on the issue of maintaining balance and variety among stat choices in Skyforge!


Fan Art of the Week

Community member Yumira played it cool this week with their chilly rendition of the Cryomancer!


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