Week in review – The Pantheon Wars – 12/18/2015

Following three weeks of intense battles and difficult encounters, we've finally reached the end of the inaugural Pantheon War's qualification stage! This past week has seen a lot of fluctuation in the rankings as Pantheon's attempt to push their way into leader-board's top slots.

In PvP, Lux Aeterna completely overtook Legion Of Archangels following a significant point drop from the Legion. On a similar note, we also see Superi, once hanging on to a consistent second place, drop down to 6th with a noticeable point reduction. The rest of the PvP top-10 board follows suit, with many of the contenders being knocked out and replaced by a slew of tough opponents.

While the maximum amount of obtainable points have long been out of reach, The Real Gods and Filth and Debauchery continue to complete their Distortions in an effort to secure one of the magnificent Golden League slots. Lux Aeterna, continuing their apparent domination, comes out of hiding on the PvE ladder and pushes Vashta Nerada out of the top 10.

As the qualification round ends, the top Pantheons have been awarded a Temple based on their abilities in both the PvE and PvP challenges they have endured over the past three weeks. These territories have been assigned to their rightful owners and the auctions will kick-off tomorrow, December 19th!

Gold League Temples

1. Exile - Temple of Lanber Forest
2. Aurora - Temple of Naori Island
3. Legion Of Archangels - Temple of Milene Caves
4. Superi - Temple of Roqul Valley
5. Lux Aeterna - Temple of Veines
6. Affinity - Temple of Diaphran Archipelago
7. Vashta Nerada - Temple of Eskenian Peninsula
8. Eterna - Temple of Usuni Valley

Silver League Temples

1. Havoc
2. Midgard
3. Elysium
4. Filth And Debauchery
5. Win Or Lose We Booze
6. The Real Gods
7. The Last Prophecy
8. Divinity'S Reach
9. Myrmidons
10.Snowflake down
11. Old Timers Guild
12. Spy Oculat
13. Warrior Poets
14. Player Regulators
15. Valhallaguild
16. Thailand Bff
17. Scholars Of The Forge
18. Dungeon Hunters
19. Insurgencia
20. Divine Republic
21. The Angels Of Death
22. Exodus Of The Gods
23. Orishas
24. Guardians of the Light
25. Legio Aegis
26. Original Sin
27. Hellfire Knights
28. Tenacious
29. Clubbing Baby Naiads
30. Cerberus Gaming Society

Congratulations to all of our temple holders and we'll see you all on the battlefield!