Winners: The Beauty of Thea

It’s time to announce the winners of The Beauty of Thea contest, featuring all manner of lovely screenshots taken by you, the community. We’ve gone through all entries before asking Flavius to decide on the overall winners, but before we announce the lucky snappers, here’s a recap of the rewards:

Region Prizes

  • 1st Place: 7 Days Premium, 50 Stimulants, 500 Victor's Medals
  • 2nd Place: 7 Days Premium, 25 Stimulants, 300 Victor's Medals
  • 3rd Place: 7 Days Premium, 10 Stimulants, 200 Victor's Medals

Without further ado, here are your moonwalking, snapshot taking winners!

1st – Crimson Dargon


2nd – Hely Harcos


3rd – Djuna Sky


Congratulations to all winners and a hearty pat on the back for all participants – not only have you provided valuable research to Flavius, calmed Aelion’s citizens by showing them the beautiful side to the otherwise deadly Thea, but also given each and every one of us some space walking inspiration. We hope you’re all enjoying your time out there on Thea and look forward to seeing what creative offerings you come up with next. As always, keep your eyes peeled for even more contests down the road and have a great time in-game!

-The Skyforge Team