Join the Winter Celebration!

Winter is quickly approaching and it’s time to begin rekindling ancient traditions that have been long since abandoned – The Winter Celebration has arrived!

Starting from December 10th until January 13th, get ready for some fantastic presents with our Winter Packs and the Winter Celebration!

The Winter Celebration

Asterius seeks to continue the long-forgotten tradition’s that once celebrated Aeli beginning his ascent to becoming a Great God. Join in the festivities, take in the decorations, and earn all the unique rewards that come with it!

Aelion’s Winter Celebration starts on December 10th and will last until January 13th!

During our Holiday festivities, you will be able to take part in multiple challenges and adventures to earn Snow Crystals. These wonderful frozen trinkets can be exchanged for Winter Celebration items in the Event section of the Market.

  • Complete a series of Winter Celebration challenges for a bountiful harvest of Snow Crystals! A string of adventurous winter quests and other daily challenges await!
  • Members of the Oceanides have been hiding among the snowdrifts in the Park! Twice a day, from 9:00am to 1:00pm and 6:00pm to 10:00pm (PDT) to join in on the hunt for these clever beasts! While there, be sure to look under the tree for a present from a mysterious gift-giver every day!
  • Be visited by the Spirit of Winter himself during your Adventures across Aelion!

What exciting gifts can you expect to unwrap in exchange for your Snow Crystal collection?
Why various bundles of Fireworks, Alternate Class Headwear, and even the coveted New Year Costume!

Snowman Mount

If you just can’t get enough of the Holidays, be sure to look a Spirt of Winter Gift for a chance at receiving a rare costume variation! These gifts can either be recovered from special Holiday themed enemies during Adventures or purchased from the Market. It’s time to start slinging that snow!

Want more holiday fun? Check out our dedicated Winter Celebration page!

The Winter Packs

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the time-limited Winter Packs which come in three variations – Arrow Pack, Artillery Pack, and the Winter Pack Combo.

Ready to experience the Gunner and all his wonderful changes in War’s Onset? We’ve got you covered with an instant unlock to both the Gunner and Archer class! Maybe you’re just looking to spread some holiday cheer? We’ve got two holiday costumes and a winter themed mount just for you!

Arrow Pack Artillery Pack Winter Combo Pack
Instant access to the Archer Class Instant access to the Gunner class Arrow Pack
Green Winter Costume Winter Ghal Artillery Pack
Legendary Main &
Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
Red & White Robot Costume
- Crusader Armor
30 Days Premium Account Status Legendary Main &
Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
An Aelinet Title An Aelinet Title
2,500 Spark Replicators 30,000 Argents
1,000,000 Credits 7,500 Spark Replicators
1,000 Victor’s Medals 5,000 Etheral Cores

To view the complete details or to purchase the Winter Packs, visit our dedicated Winter Packs page.