Alchemist Class Guide

The Alchemist is a support class that uses a backpack equipped with a pair of manipulators and filled with various solutions and concoctions. The Alchemical Solutions and a Catalyst inside the backpack are able to self-replicate when shaken, which is why the alchemist is also often seen moving erratically.



When alone, the Alchemist uses a different set of abilities than when they’re in a group, namely the abilities listed under ‘PvP abilities’. When facing packs of weak enemies you can build up your Catalyst by attacking with either Acidic Solution or Combustible Solution. Acidic Solution will damage a single enemy, and apply Acidic Solution to it, it will also give your companion a chance to strike. When an enemy with the Acidic Solution effect is struck by Combustible Solution, it will be stunned, knocked down and will take additional damage. Using Combustible Solution first will apply an effect of the same name to enemies in a small area, and when an enemy with Combustible Solution on it is struck by Acidic Solution, it will explode, and deal damage in an area.

The two above abilities can also be enhanced by Deadly Experiment. To quickly deal with a pack of enemies, use Acidic Solution on one of them, and when it is low enough on health, finish it with Deadly Experiment—this will apply the Experimental Compound effect on the Alchemist, which will make your next Combustible Solution pull all enemies together, and apply the maximum stacks of Combustible Solution to them, as well as grant you 1,500 Catalyst. Blow up the Combustible Solution and spray down any stragglers with Toxic Emission to clean them up.

Enemies don’t take too kindly to being sprayed down by various solutions and chemicals, so it’d be wise to get familiar with Protective Shell to block some damage, or the Alchemist can create a barrier with its manipulators by using Protective Membrane, which will also deflect a portion of the damage dealt right back at the attacker. Another defensive option is the Alchemic Terminal, which when used will shield the Alchemist from damage and control effects. Lastly, if all else fails, the Alchemist can use Healing Essence to heal their wounds, cleanse and protect themself from various negative effects, and even gain a buff that will allow the Alchemist to heal the majority of the damage it receives over the next 12 seconds.

When facing bosses, charge up your Catalyst with the Acidic Solution & Combustible Solution combo, then let loose the Predatory Ectoplasm to deliver a strong strike against your foe, repeat until the enemy is dead, and use the above defensive options where needed.



In a group is where the Alchemist truly shines:, here the Toxic Emission and Protective Membrane abilities are replaced by Energy Shower and Biotrap respectively, and this allows the Alchemist to increase the power and stamina of their team, as well as weaken enemies, making the Alchemist a valuable support.

When your team is facing packs of enemies, use Stimulant Injections to increase the raw power of your allies, allowing them to make quick work of the groups.

TIP: Some packs of enemies may also require the use of Energy Shower, but that will be up to you and your team to decide.

When facing bosses, wait until your team is ready to unleash a powerful burst of damage against the enemy and when they are, use Biotrap, Energy Shower, and Stimulant Injections in that order. This is a ‘full buff’, and is the maximum possible buff an Alchemist can provide with its own abilities.

TIP: Do not use Biotrap without the Stimulant Injection and Energy Shower follow-up. It can be useful in some cases, but generally is not worth it. Your buffs are most effective when used together. Use the good old Acidic Solution and Combustible Solution combo during down times, as the companion attacks will speed up the recovery of your Stimulant Injections.

In a group, the Alchemist still has access to all of their defensive options, and they can all be used on allies. Protective Shell will shield any ally that needs it, as well as remove negative effects from them, Alchemic Terminal can be used by all your allies when you deploy it, so they can avoid damage and negative effects. When push comes to shove, Healing Essence can literally be a lifesaver.



Solo play calls for a Main Damage, Critical Damage, and Critical Chance combo, maybe with some Companion Damage thrown into the mix. For group play, there is more freedom to play around. You could start with a defensive set-up.

We’d like to thank our community for being fantastic as usual and lending a hand with this guide.