Meet the Witch

Many arts were abandoned as Aelion’s technological development grew more advanced until reaching the levels we now commonly overlook in our daily lives. There are few who know about this ancient sortilege and even less that comprehend the true power behind it. As archaic as these summoning rituals and chalk-drawn circles may appear, there is no mistaking the horrifying potential Witchcraft can have on a feeble creature’s body and mind. - Asterius’s Encyclopedia

Today, we’re excited to present the Witch, one of Skyforge’s advanced classes and master of the arcane arts! A skilled manipulator, the Witch is capable of easily traversing the battlefield bending all combatants to their will and slowly corrupting those who lack the resolve necessary to withstand a perpetual onslaught.

Skyforge Witch 1

Witches are often found comfortably situated at the very outskirts of a battle, using their broom to maintain the safe distance required to affectively spread their blight. Utilizing the mystical talisman affixed to their weapon and preferred method of transportation they are capable of altering their stance, using previously applied ailments to inflict significant damage.

The Witch possesses two stances – Curse & Extermination. Curse, the witches default variant, provides the necessary build up for the Witches high-damaging abilities as well as inflicting damage over time. Do not underestimate this stance as these skills are far from weak and can be easily spread among the enemy ranks causing complete deterioration of the opposing force. If the witch corrupts but a single opponent, it’s in the best interest of the entire enemy faction to keep their distance to avoid a potential outbreak and inevitable death.

The Witch’s Extermination stance provides them the opportunity to fully exploit the massive power residing in their talisman. However, this stance does requires a sacrifice through the spread of disease – specifically, the application of Taint on the target is mandatory for the Witch to make use of the majority of skills available while in this form. The more Taint affects the target’s feeble frame, the higher the damage output these skills can provide.

Skyforge Witch 2

Curse Stance

Skyforge Witch Abilities Taint Taint (LMB) - Has two charge levels
Tapping the mouse places a curse on the enemy that inflicts damage for several seconds which can be stacked up to three times.
Holding the Mouse button down will apply all stacks of Taint at once.

Skyforge Witch Abilities Aging Aging – Progressively slows the opponent the longer it remains applied.

Skyforge Witch Abilities Murder Crows Murder of Crows - Summons a swarm of crows to the target, inflicting damage to them and all nearby enemies for an extended period.

Skyforge Witch Abilities Epidemic Epidemic (RMB) – Spreads Taint for half of its duration and Aging for its full duration to the target’s nearby allies. Additionally, increases the radius of Murder of Crows.

Skyforge Witch Abilities Dark Ritual Dark Ritual – The Witch performs a ritual that restores Magic every second of its duration.

Extermination Stance

Skyforge Witch Abilities Killer Crows Killer Crows (LMB) – Inflicts damage based on the amount of Taint currently affecting the target.

Skyforge Witch Abilities Explosion Darkness Explosion of Darkness (RMB) – Removes all currently applied Taint and inflicts massive damage in correlation with how many stacks of Taint were removed. Additional damage Taint would have applied is partially compensated.

Basic Abilities

Skyforge Witch Abilities Proven Remedy Proven Remedy (Finishing Strike) – The Witch transforms the target into a bloated toad for a few seconds before mercilessly exploding their helpless form. Using Proven Remedy recharges Magic.

Skyforge Witch Abilities Ultimate Racket of Crows (Ultimate Ability) – The Witch opens a Portal, releasing a flock of crows towards their unsuspecting victim. These crows cause fear among the enemies, apply Taint, and cause constant damage for its duration.

Skyforge Witch Abilities Volatile CurseVolatile Curse – The Witch places a dark curse on the target which absorbs all damage dealt to the afflicted enemy. If enough damage is inflicted, it explodes causing massive damage to the target and knocking down any nearby foe.
In combination with the Alchemist's Biotrap skill and the Berserker's Fracture skill & Shield Destroyer talent, Volatile Curse can deal a tremendous amount of damage on bosses. This makes the Witch one of the Most Wanted damage dealers in raids and distortions.

We have listed only a few of the Witch’s abilities. A full detailed list can be found within the Classes tab on the Aelinet.

Skyforge Witch 3

The Witch provides opportunities to control the battlefield, punishing those who stick too close or using their various curses to single out any who wander too far from the pack. Despite their low health pool and physically weak nature, the Witch has little trouble ensuring a distance remains between them and those seeking to end their vile sorcery.

Mobility, Damage-over-time abilities, and effective crowd control make the Witch a go-to class for those seeking complete mastery over any conflict they engage in. Mastery of this class is a difficult road, but those who reach it can easily sway the outcome of all battles in their favor!

Play Skyforge for free now and discover the witch for yourself!