History of Aelion: Factory 501

A few days ago we revealed the first location in Skyforge from our hands-on GDC demo, Dankit Island. We are very excited to reveal more detail to the fascinating world of Skyforge! You will see Aelion's sci-fi side...the Factory!

The Factory #1

A riot by intelligent machines took place at this plant recently. Technicians are panicking. The Chief Engineer has no idea how this could happen. The plant's main computer's reports provide no clues...

The Factory #3

The survivors say that the incident started in the middle of the night, when the security system began to get rid of the "biological" contaminants. The plant is currently working at full capacity, and another lot of deadly mechanoids is nearly assembled. Don't expect a warm welcome.

The Factory #2

In times of peace this plant used to produce modern machinery and high-tech robots. Today, factory floor and control center are occupied by the aggressive mechanoids. Cleaning up the plant is not an easy task. Lives of the personnel are the price of a failure. Are you ready for this challenge, immortal?

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