History of Aelion: Borru Catacombs

We make our way to the coast Western Inkara, the westernmost point of all the continent’s developed lands. It is here we navigate the Borru Catacombs – An ancient underground complex dating back to Aeli’s time. Within its halls, the Great God locked away extremely dangerous Wardens of the Elements to keep the area safe.



The Borru Catacombs are actually quite a recent discovery. It was only located a few months ago by a group of passionate researchers who couldn’t even dream of finding such rarities. The huge halls, where Aeli himself once studied the Warden of the Elements, immediately attracted attention of Aelion’s entire scientific community.
As soon as the excitement began to simmer down slightly, a scientific expedition was sent to the catacombs. Their task was to carefully examine the location along with those convicted there. Upon arrival, the researchers couldn’t help noticing a similar construction between the Borru Catacombs and the other lockups for the Wardens - Cronnel Platforms & Syblian Heights. It was logically concluded that the Borru complex has the same godly purpose as the rest of them.


Current Situation

During the last couple months, the scientists didn’t bother to investigate the caves deeper than a few yards under the surface. They choose to merely describe all they could find and studied the least aggressive Wardens. Eventually they finally decided to go deeper into the lower tiers of the catacombs, discovering something truly stunning in the process. A vast number of Wardens of Light were locked in caves (and no one else), but Wardens of Darkness were guarding them!
Wary of disturbing such a cumulus of free elemental creatures, the scientists considered it appropriate to retreat and bring in Immortals to clear the way deeper. Besides, according to the researchers’ estimations, Wardens of unprecedented might, ancient legendary elementals, may be imprisoned within the depths of Borru Catacombs. How significant would the hazard be if creatures so potent suddenly broke free?


Immortals! We can’t wait to find out – Clear the way for the scientists and ensure these deadly Wardens remain in their eternal cells!