History of Aelion: Artonis Hollow

Our travels across Aelion find at the gates of a temple within Artonis Valley, one of the Ithanos Archipelago isles located near the Targo Islands and Ardos Monastery. This tropical valley is full of religious structures dating back to the age of Aeli, which have gone untouched for quite until recently.



No human has set foot on Ithanos Archipelago for a very long time, with active exploration only beginning following the Idala-Naire war. Archeological data, gathered during one of the expeditions to the area, suggests that there were a few of Aeli’s temples located in Artonis Valley. They were evidently abandoned during the early ages of the Dark Times. The island stood deserted, with jungle consuming almost all of these great constructions during its extended vacancy. The scientific researchers didn’t stay long, only making a brief list of existing buildings. We can only guess what artifacts of Aeli’s long gone époque can be found within the temple grounds.


Artonis jungle never was as dangerous as it is today. Air reconnaissance recently began to notice groups of strange creatures on the isle that, from their position, very much fit the appearance of Demons. Back in the day, they used to enter Aelion through portals located in areas with thinned matter. Aeli stopped their invasion attempts and pushed them back into their own world. A few demons were left on Aelion, doomed to wander about the planet. As is their nature, they managed to make themselves busy with what they do best: destruction and murder.

Judging from the pictures, Demons had made themselves comfortable in vestiges of old temples and erected obelisks for summoning other Demons. Any wildlife that had inhabited this place before the Demons arrived had either fled in terror, or were the unfortunate victim of some voracious imps.


It goes without saying, but we were very lucky to discover demons in a deserted solitary area before they managed to reach some human settlements. The immortals have a good chance to destroy them without fear of doing harm to any nearby civilians. Volunteers are being recruited for a mission to Artonis Valley.

Let loose and devastate these remaining imps for the safety of Aelion!