History of Aelion: Nedder Test Area

Nedder Test Area is an established base of research among the ruins of a floating temple dating backing to Aeli’s times. On these floating bits of ancient mysteries, monsters from all across Aelion are teleporting here in large numbers. It is up to a group of researchers, under Flavius’s command, to discover how this happens and eventually utilize it for Aelion’s benefit. Of course, this information is highly classified and only those deemed worthy are even aware of the test area’s existence.

Immortals that have gained access to the area are assigned to clean-up detail, thinning the constantly appearing monsters out to ensure research can continue. This is considered a good training exercise, and a few different challenges are available to complete.



In this challenge, immortals are required to summon a Warden of Life and safely avoid the Wardens of Death long enough to reach one of the Alters of Death around the area. Timing is key, although simply devastating any Wardens of Death in your path is also an option. Some may consider that unsporting, but you can’t argue with results! This is a good way to learn how to navigate around enemies that should otherwise be avoided.


The Arena pits you against continuous waves of enemies, one after the other, increasing in difficulty with each consecutive wave. Failure to quickly dispatch each wave could easily result in an unprepared immortal becoming overwhelmed, and defeated. A helpful occurrence, however, is that both the second and fourth waves drop a helpful bonus that imbue you with additional power. Be sure to save it until you need it, and remember to not fear defeat – you can’t die! This is a good way to learn about both enemy types, wave-based combat, and learning to manage your resources in long battles.

Dangerous Opponent

A fairly straightforward challenge that has you come face to face with a deadly boss enemy. Each one has its own unique mechanics that you must learn and overcome quickly…or fail. This is a good way to learn battle mechanics.


Ancient Golem

The researchers want to gain readings from a Golem located in the center of this platform, but must activate it first. To do this, you must either scavenge parts or rip them from the other golems scattered across the area. Collecting all the parts allows you to activate the golem, initiating a boss fight which can definitely catch those unprepared completely off-guard. This is a good way to learn battle mechanics.

Obstacle Course

Travel to a large section of crumbled temple to begin the Obstacle Course. It is here that you’re tasked with jumping from platform to platform, dodging enemies, avoiding energy spheres which can kill or knock you off the platform, and avoiding mines. The mines can be made temporarily visible with a scanner, but it’s up to you to remember their placement. Along this path are multiple check points, so don’t fret about not making it all the way in one shot! This is a good way to learn quick memorization of threats, the ability to dodge enemy attacks, avoiding optional enemies, and general quick navigation during battle while under pressure.



Navigate a labyrinth filled with deadly enemies while searching for spheres hidden within its halls. Quite straightforward, but the foes within are deadly. Be extra cautious of the labyrinth warden as he is the greatest threat and can be found patrolling the grounds. This is a good way to learn navigation of difficult environments and the ability to find objectives.


A very straightforward challenge that tasks you with mowing down hordes of enemies as quickly as you can, gaining the heat of the hunt as more opponents fall. While not immediately evident, this is a good way to learn how to manage large swarms of enemies and move between them very quickly. It’s also a lot of fun.

Are you a new aspiring Immortal? Head into the Nedder Test Area to learn the ropes today!