History of Aelion: Port Usuni

Continuing from our last location, we arrive at the strategically located Port Usuni just south of Eastern Inkara. Operating as an industrial cargo aerial port, Port Usuni is one of the major hubs of commodity transportation on Aelion.



Port Usuni is a relatively recent construction, being built about ten years ago when the Aelion Trading Company decided to expand their transport connection between major hubs and routes they had established. The port took up the burden of being a transfer station. This means that it was ready to receive all cargo of any size, at any time, and to take care of its further transportation needs. While the majority of goods that pass through the port are intended for Aelinar, they often transport goods amongst other major cities.


Despite the remote location, Port Usuni has never had an issue with staff regardless of the rotational work schedule. This is most likely due to the trading company being considered a rather generous employer. This is understandable and arguably required due to the heavy workload incurred upon the staff. The port takes on hundreds of aircrafts per day and its landing platforms have the capacity to hold dozens of standard transport vehicles. Its automated magnetic crane, located right next to the platform, operates around the clock. The crane assists in moving cargo to the main storage area at the end of the runway or to the smaller hangars near the side where containers still in queue waits to depart. Times have changed, however, and the port has been abandoned following an attack by an unlikely enemy.

On what would could be deemed an average day, following the same routine, is when the attack began. Demons arrived through portals that ripped apart reality at the very seam. During the days of Aeli, it was thought that those demons who were unable to be forced back into their own reality had been eliminated. This was clearly not the case.


The few that remained on Aelion had been in hiding for the past few centuries and it was them who launched the attack on Port Usuni. The few guards located on site were no match for the demons, forcing their immediate retreat. Judging by the Demon’s conduct and general renovation of the port, it’s clear they have chosen to settle in the area as a potential place of operations.

It’s about time the Immortals return to the days when Demon hunts were commonplace and take back control over one of Aelion’s most strategic locations! A port as large as Usuni cannot be left inoperable for even a few days or we will surely face consequences that splinter outward across the entire planet!